Custom Gobstopper Combos and Panels


Mix and match.
Make it any which way.
Modify and re-make later.

Choose as many panels as you like.
8 colours to choose from.
Some bold and rich for strong tinted glows.
Some soft for mixing and blending.

These will mix to create a multitude of tones.
Throwing in a White or Vanilla helps the colours to pop.
Slide and overlap to create mood lighting or bright functional light.

5 different colours create 9+ different tones.
The standard Gobstoppers are based on 5 panels.
Colours are often repeated for subtle shifts in tone and to keep a theme while still harmonizing.

Any piece can go in any position.
You can go tall but 8 pieces / 90cm is the probably the safe use limit...but it depends on the environment.
The globe mount and fitting is re-positionable at any height.

Remember! When working with colour....
Less is more....but more is more fun!

N.B. Don't forget a cable/mount set if creating from scratch!!!