The Gobstopper Lamp Neutral

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The Gobstopper lamp is a modular table lamp available in thousands of colour combinations. 12 basic colours overlap and interlock to provide a freestanding lamp of varying height with hundreds of vibrant tones.

All panels move independently and when repositioned will create new tones and different lighting effects. You can modify and adapt the lamp as your lighting needs change. Additional panels are available at any time for extra height or colour changing.

Basic kit features 5 panels that create 9 stripes. A 2.2m cable, inline switch and globe mount. Easily adapted for use worldwide and ships in compact kit form...just add globe of your choice!

Height: 390mm to 700mm.
Diameter: 160mm.

Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene.
Heat resistant and UV resistant.
Mix and make your own way.
Modify anytime. Any piece goes any position.

Panel colours:

White / Smoke / Smoke / Vanilla / Vanilla

* The Neutral combo is a great all rounder that gives an even, well diffused light suitable for bedside, desk, kitchen bench or dining areas.