The Orbit Floor Lamp 90cm


The Orbit is a modular and interlocking design that is sculptural and neutral during daylight hours then blossoms of an evening.

Just like the original 2.5m version that was designed for The Orbit Bar, this design catches and scatters light around the room to create a functional glow and/or a beautiful tinted effect.

Choice of 9 interchangeable translucent colours with white outer bands. Made from 100% recyclable, heat resistant, UV resistant and shatterproof, non-toxic polypropylene.

Travels to you in kit form complete with cable for simple self assembly. Easily adapted for international use.

The 90cm floor version has a single cable mounted at the midway point to give maximum light fill to the central cylinder while giving optimum light throw upwards without catching sight of the naked globe.

Can be downsized to 2 x 50cm shades for hanging or mounting on a stand.