Vector Pendant

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The Vector is a counter intuitive design.....almost opaque 1.2mm thick polypropylene in bold tones block ambient glow and push full light down and to one side. Dramatically slashing a room diagonally it's best utilized in open plan or dual function areas.
e.g. Highlight a kitchen/dining area without over-lighting the lounge area OR splash light on to a desk and reduce ambient fill in bed area.

Also plays well in groups for highlighting different zones within a space. Easy on the eye in profile due to opaque nature the Vector allows for much brighter globes to be used with task lighting levels below.

The Vector is designed to fit directly on to cable with an adjustable mount for retro fitting or replacing existing shades.

Approx. 500mm in height and 250mm at its widest point. Flat packs and travels in a rigid cardboard mailer with mount and instructions. No tools or electrician required for assembly.